Nature vs. Nurture and Friends

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Doing stressful things alone can tweak you out. The lone crazy person, wandering the jungle with a gun is now both iconic and contemporary (especially if you're watching Lost). The propensity for us to get in trouble on our own is also hinted at in passages of Scripture that mention how it's not good for man to be alone and the need for the body to work together.

We need people. Friends. Those who can encourage us to become the people we should be. Because, let me tell you, friends, I'm not yet the person I should be. There are days when parenting makes me feel like I'm the lone crazy person, wandering the forest with a gun.

There's currently an interesting discussion in part of the scientific community concerning the propensity for bad parenting and the abuse of children.

Hat Tip
Karen Joy

I can totally relate to Karen's feeling that the parenting gene has passed me by. But for all my protests, I'm grateful that my wife and friends continue to nudge me to spend time with the girls.

The question for me isn't between nature and nurture. I learned in Psychology that it's nature via nurture, but I don't care much about that either. I'm much more interested in how I can overcome my nature/nurture to become who I should be. What I care about is community.

Who's supporting you? To whom are you listening? Are you alone, or have you found a group of friends to help keep you moving in the right direction?

That's what you need.

That's what I need too.

Where can you find a community? Here on the blogosphere. The Sonlight Forums. Facebook. Your local church.

It's a start, at least.

Where have you found community that fits your needs?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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