Moving Day

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I'm not especially fond of moving. Though in my 27 years of marriage, I've only had to do it 4 times, I still dread the thought of packing up and moving anywhere. I'm very impressed with military and ministry families who undertake the task on a regular basis.

This week I'm undergoing another type of move. The tech guys at Sonlight and I have been in the process of moving the Sonlight Forums to a new location. They've done the bulk of the heavy moving while I've done some set-up design, painting, wall-papering and general cleaning up around our new digs. I've been the one standing on the sidelines saying "put that over there" and "please take that upstairs". I've also learned a great deal more about databases, migrations, and binary blobs this week.

The Sonlight Forum family is unique. Over the 7+ years that I've acted as one of the forum administrators, I've watched as this family has celebrated births and grieved deaths together ... as we've rallied around members who have struggled with illness, financial reversals, and the struggles of learning challenges ... as moms who are "not so new" to homeschooling have come along side those who are new to the journey and offered invaluable counsel, both in academics and just plain survival. We've watched one another's children grow up and prayed for and cheered over their accomplishments.  I've been pleased to hear from many who share just how valuable this forum community has been for them.

It is my sincere hope that our family will like our new digs. It's in a great neighborhood and all the work of moving has been done for you. We still plan to move in early next week, so stay tuned for more details. And if you've never never experienced the love and support of the Sonlight Forum family, be sure to check us out next week!

Blessings ...
Sonlight Forum Administrator


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  1. I am in forum withdrawals!!! I need my Sonlight forums and this week is draaaggggingg without them.

    Okay, I know this move will be for the good of our community and will try to be patient.

  2. I'm a new Sonlighter and don't quite understand the forum concept. What makes them so wonderful? Do people check them daily (like facebook)? I've never been a part of one that I actually used. Thanks.
    Shannon in Indiana <

  3. Judy Judy

    Shannon ... the Sonlight Forums are a place for Sonlight users and homeschoolers to come together and share about being a mom, being a wife, homeschooling, raising difficult kids, in-laws and out-laws ... you name it. We operated a number of *curriculum* forums and a number of *community* forums. On our curriculum forums you can talk with other moms who are using Sonlight materials ... share ideas, ask questions, offer suggestions, etc... On our community forums you can talk about life in general ... stop in at our Prayer Closet and share requests, visit our Entertainment & Technology Forum and learn about the latest in software and iPhone apps, meet the "family" in our busiest forum "Meet & Share".

    Some of our forum family have known each other for years ... have met in real life ... have shared vacations ... have been an emergency contact for college students away from home ... have provided child care during a family crisis ... Just too many examples to share!

    I hope you give us a try next week!!

  4. Melinda S.

    Yes, most of us (or many, anyways) do check it every day, just as we do our FB. :) I often use "new posts" to see what's going on in various places, but I make sure to check all that is posted related to the cores I am doing, and the "parents of high schoolers" section.

    There are places to discuss current events and other life questions--and I have learned a lot through those--there are a variety of opinions, so I hear a lot of different views and learn from them.

    There are places I can ask questions about homeschool topics (one I've wanted to ask this week is "how much writing is reasonable for a 10th grader?")

    And there are places just to chat.

    I was out of town last week, and this week, the forums are being switched over, so, like Robin, I am suffering SEVERE withdrawal! :)

  5. Sooo, Judy, is it going to be today or tomorrow? I have been checking the forums page every hour or so. I miss them!!!

    Shannon, I rarely check facebook. I only have it to keep up with my sister, who lives out of country so phone calls are rare. However, I check the Sonlight forums multiple times a day. I get so much support and confidence in homeschooling from there.

  6. Judy Judy

    Robin ... it will be tomorrow (obviously!). Sorry for the late reply ... I've been working on ... well ... you know. :)