Milk Choice

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The title sounds almost like Milk Toast... which I've never had. How is it? (Please comment if you have an opinion on the subject <smile>)

The title could also refer to a couple hot topics these days, such as homosexuality in the media or public breastfeeding. As much as those are very important topics, to be sure, today's post is about something else entirely: The government and public education.

I read a rather interesting offhand comment today: "The school requires you buy tickets for milk."


I think I've heard of this kind of thing before, but it just struck me as odd today. Perhaps it's not as indicative of a "the government will save you" mentality as it seems, but it sure feels that way right now. Almost as if someone, somewhere said, "Milk is good for kids. We can't force them to drink it at home, but we can make them buy it and drink it here in school. Let's pass some legislation for that."

It's just weird to me.

I also read a repost of a story Spunky wrote about the beauty of having choices. It's a fun little tale that is thought provoking. On the other hand, it's an analogy and so isn't perfect. But her point remains....

I am very thankful for the freedom we still have to homeschool our children and choose whether to buy milk for them or not. And I am not against public education, but if you haven't considered homeschooling yet I think you should.

I don't really have anything else to say about this at the moment; just these few loosely related thoughts.

By the by, there are many, many Other Posts of Note today... if you're looking for more content.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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