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Life is good.

Sure, there are still longstanding issues in my life, I'm feeling the scramble of catching up after a week away from work, my car was ticketed while sitting in a parking lot, my bank account isn't bursting with gold bricks, and I've got a ringworm or five ...but, really: Life is good.

One of the 1,500+ posts I skimmed through this morning urged me to tell you that this is the time to buy, buy, buy. Granted, I'm not a fan of the "trick 'em into buying stuff" and "make money at all costs" marketing schemes. That's lame and unhelpful. I want to be helpful. But as I pondered the advice, I realized it was true: Let's focus on the positives. The economy, for all the very real problems out there, seems to be just fine for a lot of people. As my best friend, who works for a major electronics corporation, has often said while selling thousands of dollars of electronics to people: "What recession?"

I realize that there are certainly times when life is hard ...really hard. And if you're there, I'm sorry. Hang in there! But for those of us who just tend to get bogged down in the bad, perhaps it's time to remember: Life is good.

And if the numbers I've seen are any indication, just as many people were able to afford homeschool materials this year as last. That's incredibly good news considering how many single-income families there are in the homeschool community.

So, how are you doing?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. I am blessed!

    I agree, it's time to buy, buy, buy. Maybe I agree for a different reason, though. I'm afraid our savings isn't going to be worth the paper it's printed on in a few years, so I say spend it while we got it! We're going to do some things to the house and we bought an RV. Now is not the time to go into debt, though. That would not be wise!

    Maybe we haven't felt the effect of the recession because the govt is doing so much to try to prop it up. It's a house of cards, though. I'm grateful that as believers we don't trust in the government or in a steady paycheck, but in the grace and provision of the Lord.


  2. homeschoolmom

    Yes, life is good--but only because GOD is good! We know how very blessed we are. We're one of those one-income families you mentioned, but my hubby just said yesterday (as means of encouragement) to keep up the level of schoolwork we're doing right now. Why? Because he can't wait to have me order MORE materials! :D

  3. Luke

    Celee, I totally hear you with all that. And, yes, if the financial system tanks the cash have won't be worth much. You are absolutely right: We don't trust the government or our paychecks. I really like the quote that says, "Never confuse your employer with your Provider."

    Stephanie, that is great news. God is good!


  4. Ann

    We're one of those single-income families, too - one that is facing a very unexpected and terrifying financial situation that has no solution other than God's miraculous intervention.
    But, even through it all, we've never once felt led to back off on where we are homeschool-wise. In fact, God has already provided as much as 75% of our next core (a year and a half in advance!) and portions, even, of the two after that! It has nothing to do with how much income there is or how much we can afford and everything to do with the amazing way God has provided for so many years. The ability to homeschool - and do it through a purchased and wonderful curriculum - is just one more indication that God is going to take care of this "little" crisis we're facing.

  5. Luke

    Great testimony of God's faithfulness in the "little" things of life. Thank you for sharing, Ann.