If your home won’t look like a magazine spread this holiday

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I saw an email from a fancy grocery store chain this week. Packed with culinary tips for Thanksgiving, the tone of it suggested that my self-worth depends on me presenting a gorgeous and complex feast next week.

I laughed because I’m here to tell you, I gave up on that ideal a long time ago. I don’t like to cook, and I don’t prepare a fancy Thanksgiving meal.

But that doesn’t mean that Thanksgiving isn’t special in our family! We’ve just found other traditions and ways to make it meaningful. We cherish that special time together, and our traditions are our own quirky style.

On that note, let’s all remember that our society will be in overdrive these next six weeks of the holiday season. You will be bombarded with Pinterest images and blogs telling you what you “should” be doing for your family. Some will truly inspire, and many might make you feel inadequate.

But as you prepare for Thanksgiving next week and then the Advent and Christmas season, I’d love to remind you: You are already enough. Christ has already redeemed you. Your salvation is not dependent on how well you conform to society’s expectations of you this season.

You will see countless ads whose first goal is to make you dissatisfied with your home, your plans, your food, your gifts, your clothes, your gadgets, or your family. So let’s walk into that with eyes wide open this year. No big box store or grocery boutique gets to decide for you what you and your spouse want for your family. You, your spouse and God decide that!

As you juggle homeschooling and all your other duties these next weeks, I’d like encourage you: don’t try to copy anyone else’s holidays this year. Do what is meaningful for you. Do what brings your family joy. Do what truly blesses others. Do what helps you all focus on Christ and Christ’s Kingdom.

What does that mean for you?

God bless you and yours, and enjoy a very blessed Thanksgiving!


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