Help! I'm Scared to Teach Math and Writing

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Help! I'm Scared to Teach Math and Writing

Two subjects in particular can strike fear in a homeschool parent's heart: math and writing. You know they're crucial for your child's academic success. But you may doubt your ability to teach them well.

Perhaps you struggled in these subjects when you were a student. Or maybe they came so naturally you don't know how to teach the process. Maybe your child is gifted in math or writing ... or maybe they detest one or the other.

Whatever the case, you want to do well by your kids when you homeschool them. Is that even possible?

Let me assure you: Yes. You can give your children a great education all the way around. You can set them up for math and writing success.

Here's the secret: You don't have to be an expert mathematician or a published author in order to help your children thrive. You just need to know your child well (which you already do!), find resources, and ask for outside help if you need it.

You really can homeschool even if you don't know everything.


1. Curriculum is Your Best Friend

You don't need to start from scratch when it comes to moving your kids from addition to Calculus, from the alphabet to research papers. You can lean on a curriculum!

Sonlight sells several excellent math programs that will hold your hand as your student learns day by day. Sonlight students have a big advantage when it comes to writing, because they hear and read so much great writing as part of their daily school. And the Language Arts programs gradually build confident writers.

Just follow along each day and trust the process.

2. Don't Worry about Trigonometry in Kindergarten

If your kids are young, you don't need to worry about how you'll teach them in high school. Just take it one year at a time.

There are tons of resources available for when you do get to high school. Don't let a fear of advanced math keep you from homeschooling your Kindergartner.

3. You Can Learn Alongside Your Children

Many parents receive a fabulous second education as they homeschool their own kids. You'll be amazed at how much math and grammar you naturally pick up as you teach your children one day at a time. Dusty concepts will come back to you, and things you never understood will make sense this time around.

4. You Can Get Outside Help

Math: Even if you enjoy learning 5th grade math along with your child, you might be ready to pass the torch when it comes to Algebra 2. Sonlight offers math courses for high schoolers that they can teach to themselves. Many high schoolers take classes at community colleges. Your local public school might let your student take a math class there. You could hire a tutor. You could join a co-op that offers math classes. Some parents trade off teaching duties with another homeschool parent (or spouse) who is confident in math.

Writing: Even if you loved teaching your child to read, sometimes you just need an outside coach to give feedback on papers. You can look into tutors, co-ops, and friends to help.

Sonlight Advisors are here to help you succeed with homeschooling, so don't hesitate to call for free assistance. You can do it!

You CAN teach your kids at home! A well-planned curriculum makes it so easy, and you can trust that you are giving your kids all the academics they need.

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