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I grew up with quite a few "educational games" at my disposal. I was familiar with titles like MathBlaster, Spellbound, Mavis Beacon, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? and Frogger. But let's be real for a minute:

I only played the games that were fun.

  • Mavis Beacon had this driving game where mistyping produced a windshield full of bugs. That was hilarious! ...for a while.
  • MathBlaster was really just flashcards, so I skipped that most of the time.
  • Spellbound had a couple fun games, like the Spelling Bee with robots.
  • And I found Carmen Sandiego interesting, but mostly frustrating: "How am I supposed to know who invented aerosol deodorant before the wheel?"

And then there was one game which was fun and, what's more, it came with a keyboard which could produce hundreds of sound effects (which I used in my early audio recording projects). Connecting this keyboard to my computer allowed me to shoot ducks by pressing the right notes as they floated by on a stream which resembled a musical staff.

It was a blast.

Now, 15-20 years later, technology has improved. Today we have Piano Wizard. From what I hear, it's fantastic. ...and a little more technologically advanced than Peasant's Quest.

If you've been considering Piano Wizard, but didn't want to hassle with dealing with another company, great news: You can now buy Piano Wizard straight from Sonlight. You no longer need to wrestle with the other website and try to figure out how to buy it. You just go to this page, add it to your cart, and checkout.

So easy. So cool!

Looking for a fun, educational, computer-based music program? Look no further: Get Piano Wizard straight from Sonlight.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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