Four Questions for the New Year

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In his last sermon of 2010, our pastor presented us with four questions based on 2 Timothy 4:6-18. To help us prepare for the new year, he gave us time to write thoughts on each before moving to the next. I'd like to share some of my answers here. How would you answer these questions?

What do I need to Celebrate? (v.6-8)

  • My Passport to India—as Sonlighters, together we raised $300,000. That will send almost a third of a million children to Bible Club. I'm looking forward to one day in heaven meeting some of the children who became believers because of our children's sacrifices.
  • My family—we weathered the tough experience of losing a beloved daughter and granddaughter, Gracie Lou. She's another person I'm looking forward to getting to know in heaven. Also, our youngest son graduated from college and got a good job. I'm grateful to have that milestone behind me.
  • A successful completion of my second term on my churches' business council—a huge privilege.
  • Twenty years of Sonlight Curriculum!

What do I need to Change? (v. 9-12)

  • I've begun a prayer journal to 1) encourage me to pray more regularly, and 2) to focus my attention on God's answers. I want to keep this diligently.
  • Contact my out of town grandchildren more—as a person who dreads picking up the phone to make a call, I need to press in on this goal.

What do I need to Conclude? (v. 14-15)

  • OK, I'll admit it. I need to cut back on my Sudoku playing. I fear it's almost becoming a compulsion!

What am I Contending for? (v. 16-18)

I strive to:

  • Help families learn together.
  • Help parents raise children with Godly hearts for the world.
  • Help connect children with quality literature and worthy heroes.
  • Support and encourage homeschoolers.
  • Be there for my children and grandchildren and pray fervently for them.

Many blessings in the new year,

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