Does January = time for educational change?

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Once the busyness of the holidays diminishes, many parents begin to listen to their children complain about returning to school. Some of it is simply the weeping and wailing about education in general that kids are required to do because ... well, because they're kids! But some of it comes from legitimate concerns and complaints and the obvious need for a change.

Here are the top 3 reasons I hear when parents are considering a change to homeschooling mid-year ...

  • 1. Academic remediation - Johnny or Susie just isn't "getting it" in one or more of their classes. They are slowly falling behind the rest of their classmates, and for various reasons, their teacher is unable to provide the individualized attention needed to get them "up to speed". Or perhaps Johnny or Susie is miles ahead of their classmates and terribly bored. On the younger end of the spectrum, perhaps a child hasn't yet learned to read confidently, so his/her other subjects are suffering until their reading abilities catch up.
  • 2. Control over social issues - Peer pressure is a huge issue for many kids. It could be that your student is succumbing more and more to pressure to become like his/her peers at school. Perhaps you are seeing attitudes or hearing conversation that is concerning to you. Then there are those kids who just never seem to fit in. In my day we would have said they "marched to the beat of a different drummer". And in some cases, bullying and school violence are real concerns.
  • 3. Family relationship building - Often the Christmas school break will make it obvious that your child values their peer relationships over those with their siblings. Perhaps it becomes very clear that your child no longer views you as an authority in their life. Or maybe you are wishing for stronger family ties and an opportunity to instill your values and worldview in your child.

I'm sure there are many, many other reasons for a change in venue when it comes to your educational choice for your child. Whatever those reasons may be, let me encourage you to consider homeschooling as a valid educational choice. In the days ahead I plan to share some very practical things to think on when researching homeschooling, but for now, let me simply say that You Can Do It!!

Blessings ...

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