Choosing Your Investments

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You are investing in your kids. As a homeschooler, you're pouring time and energy and resources into your children's education. And what a great investment it is! Not only do your children get a great education, you also bond with them through great books, get to see them grow, have them during the best hours of the day, instill important values, and give them tools that will set them up for success in life.

You're doing all that--and more--for less than the cost of a public education.

That's a great investment.

Growing up, I tithed what little money I earned. As I grew, my parents began to discuss giving in a broader context. They talked about their decision to focus on unreached peoples. They talked through their rationale. They encouraged me to consider what I would give to, and why. And as your children learn about the wider world--starting as early as Core A--you can begin to naturally discuss the needs all around us.

A few years ago I read an article about charities and organizations losing funds because this next generation only gives to the most recent need. Rather than prayerfully considering their gifts, people today "tweet five bucks" to the latest fad in giving. Money pours in for a while, and then it's on to the next thing. This also means that high profile needs (such as earthquakes and tsunamis) get funds but long-term needs--like Scripture translation--are no longer on people's minds.

This kind of thing also comes up when confronted by beggars. Should I buy the guy a meal or would that money be better spent feeding ten children in Africa? Or translating a portion of Scripture that could transform a culture? Or support a missionary to bring the good news of Christ to a people who have never heard it? Or helping send a kid to camp? Or should I save the money to spend on my own family and the kids I minster to?

These are hard questions, and worthy of consideration and conversation. What has God called you to invest in? Your children, to be sure. But what else? And it's not just finances. How we spend our time and energy is also part of this equation.

I believe it is important to think about our investments. But, at the same time, remember that we serve a good God! This is not yet another burden to place on yourself. Remember that God has entrusted us with His blessings so we can bless others. These are opportunities for us to follow His heart, to hear Him tell us, "Well done!"

What things are you involved with--personally or as a family--to bless others with the blessings God has given you? How do you help your children think about helping others?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. Jaime G.

    When searching for a place to offer one's time and money one's own personal history; experience, education and passions should be considered. Find ministries that support people who are experiencing a hurt you're familiar with yourself. God wants us to use our own hurts to relate to, have compassion for and help others. Of course, pray and tell God that you're looking for a ministry to support that's meaningful to you because He is always faithful and will answer. He cares about what we care about.

  2. Great point, Jaime! I think what you describe is an excellent example of one of the many ways God works redemption. Amen! May we always be inline with His heart and what He cares about.