Why Bad Days Are Actually Good For Your Homeschool

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Why Bad Days Are Actually Good For Your Homeschool

You are probably thinking I have lost my mind. How can anyone say that bad homeschool days are beneficial? I think my answer will surprise you! I've discovered three ways that my bad homeschool days are actually a pro instead of a con.

1. Bad Homeschool Days Keep Me Humble

Hard homeschool days remind us that we don’t have it all together and we are dependent on God for wisdom and strength.

Maybe you are like me. When everything is smooth sailing, I start feeling I’ve got everything under control. I begin to pat myself on the back and think, “I’ve got this down. I’m doing a good job, I don’t need help.” Thank goodness for those bad days that bring me back down to reality and help me remember that I can’t homeschool well in my own strength.

2. Bad Homeschool Days Help Me Re-Evaluate

Bad days are like warning signals that help communicate the health of our homeschool. If you are having a bad day here and there, there may not be a major source of concern. But if you are having repeated bad days, it might be time to stop and re-evaluate. If you find yourself in this position, here are some questions that might been helpful to think through.

  • Is there a trigger that creates a problem in our day?
  • Is there something I can change about our schedule/routine?
  • Is there a heart issue that needs to be addressed, either in me or my child?
  • Are there relationship issues that need attention?
  • Is my child struggling academically?
  • Is my child physically going through something that needs attention?
  • Has my focus shifted? Is there something that has become a distraction in our day?
  • Are we in a rut?

Maybe it’s not one certain thing that continually creates strife in your day. Maybe it is multiple things.

Look at those bad days as something positive. They truly can be warning signs of something deeper going on. Investigate and come up with a plan to solve the issue.

3. Bad Homeschool Days Make Me a Better Encourager

When I'm walking through a hard time, I normally gravitate to someone who has been through the same situation—someone who has firsthand experience. It’s more comforting to talk to someone who knows where you are coming from and has sound advice.

That is why bad days make you a better encourager. When you face and overcome bad days, you then can take the role of cheerleader, spurring on others with your own life stories. You can assure them that everything is going to be okay and that they can successfully homeschool.

Find people you can encourage through their hard days. Let them see you struggle with bad days so they know they are not the only ones with bad homeschool days.

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