Alliances and Ideology

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Maybe it was the post about the future of the Quiverfull movement. Perhaps it was browsing a site that referenced a Sonlight blog post while warning parents to beware of evolutionary theories. It could be that I've been discussing highly divisive topics for the past couple of weeks with friends and coworkers. Another possibility is that the politics on Facebook and in my inbox finally got under my skin just enough to push me into thinking about this kind of thing. Whatever the cause(s), the difference in Sonlight's approach has me really excited.

What's the difference?

Sonlight seeks to help you educate, not indoctrinate.

So much of what I see in myself and public discourse and private thought is driven by fear and feelings. There is nothing wrong with being prudent or using emotional checks to make sure that the logical doesn't override the good (such as in the Laws of Robotics). But may we never get so entangled in our political alliances or pet ideologies that we fail to seek the truth. Indeed, as we focus on learning, we discover that the more we know about other ideas the more effectively we can communicate our own thinking and modify our position to better align with reality. Education, then, is learning what is true, not acquiring a particular set of beliefs. I'd rather believe the truth.


May we all, as we learn alongside our children, continue to draw ever closer to the Truth Himself. And may what we learn push us to be more like Him so we can shine as lights in this dark world and inspire people to give glory to our Father in heaven.

That urges me onward. May you continue in the good work you are doing as well.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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