How Moms & Dads Parent Together as a Homeschool Team

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How Moms & Dads Parent Together as a Homeschool Team

I am so thankful for my husband John's role in our family. In fact, he's been so instrumental in my children's lives, it's almost annoying. What do I mean? Well, not that I'm bitter or anything, but when my children wrote their essays for college on who was the most influential person in their lives, every one of them listed their dad.

I couldn't help thinking, "Now wait a minute! I'm the one who did all the work!"

  • Who homeschooled them?
  • Who drove them to swim meets and stayed to cheer?
  • Who was present every minute of every day?

Sure John's role was important, but he was working. How is it possible that he had such an impact?

Although I can muster quite a bit of feigned mom indignation, I seriously couldn't be more pleased that the kids respect their father and have learned so much from him.

But their answers were the catalyst for some thought-provoking questions about the role and influence of dads within the home and homeschool.

The Impact of Fathers: A Little Active Presence Goes a Long Way

While I know a number of exceptions to this generalization, I would say many dads feel somewhat removed from the homeschool environment. They leave for work early, come home late, and often miss out on the day to day experiences of learning that moms get to experience. This doesn't mean, however, that dads have to sit on the sidelines!

I would challenge dads: Don't be discouraged if you feel you don't have the presence you would prefer at home. Use the time you do have, even if it's only a few minutes of time together, sharing stories on the couch in the evening. Make an effort to ask questions, listen, and bond with your children and they will treasure your interest and thrive on your attention.

Although I was our primary homeschool instructor, John gave counsel to our children when they needed him most. When one of my more sensitive children was in tears, John would sit with her for an hour or more asking questions and giving an adult perspective and a listening ear.

Dad's Perspective Is Strategic for Homeschool Success

Because John was a bit removed from the minute-by-minute quality of our homeschool, I think he could sometimes offer a more objective perspective to what was happening. He would notice issues I didn't because I had been too mired in them to see. John's input helped our family gain insight that kept us on a good path toward our goals.

John and I embrace our differences as we realize we truly complement one another. Where I am weak, he is strong and vice versa. We choose to focus on each other's strengths instead of noticing all the weaknesses and failures of the other person.

We are a parenting/homeschool team.

I want to challenge moms in this way: Please celebrate your husband's role with your children and in your homeschool. Don't belittle or begrudge his level of involvement, but help him find creative ways to interact with your children. Your kids will feel his intentional pursuit of relationship as well as the level of your respect and friendship with their father. In fact, they may write their college essays about it later!

For the Single Moms or Dads

If you are a single mom or a single dad, I hope this talk of teamwork doesn't just lay a fresh burden on your shoulders. Instead, I hope it encourages you that you do have a Helper.

My prayer for the single parents who are homeschooling is that God would sustain you just as he promises to be a Father to the fatherless. As you balance your many roles, I ask the Lord for an extra dose of patience and sensitivity. I pray for your endurance as you carry double weight in raising your children. And finally, I pray God will provide the counter-balancing adult role models your children need.

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