A Benefit of Reading: Connections

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It's no secret that I really enjoy Chuck. And now my mom is hooked on it as well.

[Obligatory disclaimer: This show contains content that will not be welcome in all households. Just because I think it's hilarious--and my mom likes it--does not mean that you will find it wholesome or acceptable by the standards of your family.]

Chuck is jam-packed with nerdy cultural references. These connections add to the humor of the show and give me one more point of contact with the characters and the story. This just heightens my enjoyment and fandom.

Reading tons of great literature has a similar benefit. You will be more connected with other books. Plots and characters will make more sense. You'll be able to draw even greater insights from the richness of the text by noticing where the author connects with another work. Even Christ used literary connection to add depth to His statements.

Many Sonlight families find that the connections they get from reading together go beyond the world of literature. The "shared experience" books provide give many points of contact within the family. This knits us closer together as brothers and sister, parents and children. We can all smile or cry as we recall an event that happened in one of our books.

Beyond that, I think many Sonlighters feel a certain camaraderie with each other. We have enjoyed many of the same things through the literature we share.

What are some of your favorite literary connections?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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