13 Ways to Keep On Top of Your Day

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As a child, I never paid attention to schedules. I had a routine, and that worked for me. I knew I had to go to swimming at a certain time. I knew that we left for Awanas after dinner. I knew when church started on Sundays. But the rest of the time: I was free. Well, I was free from the worry of time restraints. I still had to do the work my mom told me to do <smile>.

Public high school changed that.

Suddenly my day was ruled by 90 minute blocks of time denoted by a shrill bell. Ten minutes later, I had to be in an entirely new location ready with the right textbook and binder on my desk. Assignments were now arbitrary and constantly in flux. Events shifted regularly. I had to keep track of it all.

So I used the handy day planner I was given. This I dutifully filled with cryptic scribbled commands. "p22 1-13 odd" I also discovered the joy of crossing off completed work.

A few years into keeping a schedule, I decided it was time to join the nineties. I convinced my parents that I would benefit from owning a Palm. I didn't, but I felt cool for a while.

Then, in college, my PDA died.

My watch soon followed.

There I was, taking a full load of college credits, without a single scheduling tool.

And it felt great!

I was free.

I still don't own a watch. But back in 2008 I got my first cellular telephone which can tell me the time. But mostly, I just go off memory for stuff.

Which is why I miss our young marrieds group meetings so often. <cough>

How do you keep track of your schedule?

As we look toward the future of scheduling and homeschooler's needs, I'd really appreciate your feedback here. Please let me know by "voting" in the poll above.

If you don't see the poll on Facebook, please swing by the Sonlight Blog to give your answer. Thanks!

I appreciate it.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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