Your Photos Are Even More Important This Year

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$500 Sonlight Gift Certificate? Old news.

See your family inside the Sonlight Catalog? Cool, but nothing new.

Why are your photos more important than ever this year? Because with Sonlight's photo integration with our website, your pictures can now also show up on

That's why your photo and story about homeschooling with Sonlight is so crucial: What you share about homeschooling can benefit hundreds of thousands of homeschoolers both in print and online as they make important choices about their children's education.

You have through Monday to submit your photo to Sonlight's annual Catalog Photo Contest (that now also applies to the website).

I look forward to seeing your submissions!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. 90milemissy

    Skip the pics and give us the books. Isn't that your whole point of being?

  2. 90milemissy, Sonlight Curriculum offers complete Christian homeschool curriculum. When we started Sonlight, the goal was to help missionaries stay on the field "one more year" by offering them a complete homeschool package--with an incredible guarantee--so they could teach their children while doing their important work as well. Sonlight was so successful, and fantastic, that homeschoolers here in the US used it as well. So... while it's true that books--which form the basis of our literature-rich curriculum--are key to what we do, the complete curriculum packages, the guarantee, the support, the missions focus, the balance of perspectives, and the rest are the things that make up Sonlight. But that's a mouthful. Far better to see and hear how homeschooling with Sonlight has worked for families across the globe while you are considering your homeschooling options.

    More than that--and this is a bit of "insider information"--we find again and again that those who purchase a complete curriculum from us are far happier with their homeschool year than those who purchase just an IG, and significantly happier than those who pick up a couple of books. While we are happy to support homeschoolers who just need a few titles to finish out their curriculum--which is why we have the complete book list, and printable descriptions on every Core program page on the site--our focus is giving you and other homeschoolers the best year of homeschooling that you'll absolutely love with your children (we guarantee it).

    Long answer. Hope that helps!