Your Favorite Sonlight Program

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What has been your favorite Sonlight program thus far?

And why?

...and have you left a review of that program on our website?

Just curious. <smile>

I can't pick a favorite package because, as a homeschool student, I never really thought about which Core I was using. I didn't care. I knew which books I was reading, which Math program I was using, the general topics we'd been covering, but I didn't care about the label.

Do your children know which Core they will be using next year?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. artchristie

    So far our favorite core is... all of them! We have completed Core 1, almost completed Core 2, and loved them so much we went back to Core K and purchased some of the books and read them. I have already purchased Core 3 and have the IG for Core 4 and can't wait to get started there, either!

    My daughter does not know what core we are on but she does know what time period we are studying. For example she knows we are working on World History this year and will start American History next year.

  2. Amy

    If I *had* to pick one, I would say Core 4, but really, I always tell people my favorite Core is whatever Core we are currently working on. We have loved them all.

  3. Rebecca (me!)

    We used Core 1 and Core 2 last year...this year, Core 2 and Core 3. My favorite? I honestly can't pick...that's why we're doing Core 2 again and Core 3? Why? Because my daughter did Core 1 last year and my son did Core 2...this year, they moved up....but, my son wants to hear Core 2 all over again and my daughter wants to hear Core 3. year, do we do Core 4? Or will they want Core 3 again? Love GEOGRAPHY songs...we were singing them in the pool today!

  4. Sarah

    FAVORITE? At some point I think they are all my favorite!

    My oldest said Core 3 was his favorite, and he is just beginning Core 6. We're also doing Core 3 and Core 2.

  5. Luke

    <laughing> Awesome. have you reviewed those Cores? <hint hint>


  6. Giggly Girls

    We've done pre-k through core 3 so far. And every year we say that the current core is our favorite. So for now it must be core 3. At least until we start core 4 in a couple of weeks. LOL

  7. Julie

    that's like,....impossible to do! Pick a favorite??? I've done most of both Pre-Ks, K, 1,3,4,5 and 6....getting ready to do 2 (already have it and have been fingerprinting all over it!!) and waiting with baited breath to order 7....They are ALL fantastic. I DID have a great fondness for core 5 because I learned so much I didn't know...never studied the eastern hemi before. My kids know what's coming and are a bit excited!

  8. Luke

    Julie, yes, Eastern Hemisphere is an amazing program <smile>. Of course, it wasn't in it's current state when I did it years ago. I'm sure I missed a ton. Perhaps one day I'll get to do it again...