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More and more people are celebrating Box Day, which is awesome. And some families have already started their school year, even if their children can't believe this is school. That's fantastic as well.

What's slightly less fantastically awesome is that I haven't updated the Box Day blog in over a month. I know you mention your Box Day on Facebook or Twitter, but I'd really like to have a longer-term reminder of the sheer joy of Box Day. I revisit these moments every now and again for encouragement. I'm guessing others do so as well.

If you have a Box Day story, or picture, or post, please share it! Head on over to the Box Day blog and click the Share your Box Day story link in the upper right to send me an email. I'd be thrilled to celebrate Box Day with you.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

Word of the Day
Invective: venomous language used to express blame; a railing accusation

Brought to you by Hugh Ross

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  1. SonlightBlog Reader

    A random search at will show Mr. Ross to be untruthful in his claim that no one from the young-earth community has dealt at all with his book, "A Matter of Days".
    Also, Sarfarti makes it clear in his book that he is not making a personal attack on Mr. Ross.

  2. Luke

    Reader, I did a couple specific searches on AiG (e.g. "a matter of days" and "hugh ross" and even "hugh ross"+days) and didn't find the article you reference. Could you provide a link? I'd be interested to read it--even though I haven't read Ross's book either. Even with the link you mention, I'd say "untruthful" isn't the right word. "Mistaken?" Sure. "Incorrect?" Fine. But "untruthful" insinuates that Mr. Ross knows of this article you allude to and purposefully ignores it. I don't know Mr. Ross, but I'm guessing that's not how he operates.

    I'm not sure where Mr. Ross feels personally slighted in Sarfarti's work. I haven't read it. But I can see how, even if you explicitly state, "I mean no offense," and then belittle someone, it can feel like an attack. I'm not saying that's what's going on--as I have no idea--but just that saying you're not attacking someone personally doesn't mean you're not attacking them.

    ...but I'm not attacking you <grin>. Mr. Ross's post contained a word I was not familiar with, so I included it. You are much more well-read on this subject than I am, and I appreciate your insights. May I urge you to contact Hugh Ross and share the article you mention with him as well. I think that would be helpful in this situation. Thanks!