Your Biggest Homeschool Concern

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What's your biggest concern about homeschooling? If you're still undecided, what's holding you back from jumping in? If you've been homeschooling for a while and no longer have any concerns--because it's working absolutely beautifully without any issues ever--what was one of the questions that gave you pause before you started homeschooling?

And if you read someone's comment, question, or concern that you once had, please share your insights!

What's making you wonder, "Is homeschooling right for my family?" What made you think, 'I'm not sure we should homeschool'?

I'd love to hear your biggest concerns about homeschooling. And if you've found an answer to your question, please provide that too.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. I watched my sister-in-law spend hours upon hours researching, shopping and organizing her home school curriculum, and I thought, "Ugh! I could never do that. I'd have no idea what to teach my kids. I wouldn't know where to begin!"

    Then my sister introduced me to a Sonlight catalog, and I thought, "1) I didn't realize there was a company that did all the hard work for me, and all I had to was open up the lesson plan for the day. 2)You can just read good books and call it school?"

    Suddenly home schooling went from "Never us" to "How soon can I start?"

  2. The biggest obstacle to homeschooling is spouses. Seriously. I know in a biblical marriage we are always of one mind and bla bla bla. In real life, it doesn't always work that way. It can be a big fight and/or source of nagging and difficulty.

    Once everyone is on the same page, not a big deal. But it can be incredibly difficult to get to the point where both parents think that homeschooling is going to be better overall than the local school, or be worth the effort it's going to take to make it better. :)

  3. Moderation?? Really?? You have trolls?

  4. Love it, Missy! <smile>

    Great point, Mrs. C. Every family is going to work that out their own way, but I'm of the opinion that if one party is against homeschooling... probably not a good idea.

    And no, I don't have trolls. I have spam bots. And I got sick of their nasty/inappropriate/bothersome messages publishing to my blog and having to go through and delete a few hundred every couple days. So I had to turn on moderation. Sorry! Sadly, WordPress Spam Filters are pretty ineffective. I have two going right now and they do little against the onslaught.


  5. Kate

    My husband was somewhat against the idea of homeschooling at first. Over time, we were able to engage in conversations around schooling and how real classes worked. It certainly helped that I was studying my teaching degree at the time, and he could see first hand the broad 'gap' in educational levels.
    I was in a 'prep class' (5 year olds) and already the teacher was showing me which children were failing. It boggles my mind that a 5 year old can be failing school.
    A year 5 class where some children were at a writing level of 'pre-literacy'...
    After some grand conversations, and my passion for a different style of schooling, he is now the biggest proponent for homeschooling in our family! I think he is keener than I am. :)