Wordless Wednesday: 2011 Catalog

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First Printed 2011 Catalogs (and I got one!)

Get your catalog here.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. Erika

    Oooh! Tease!

  2. Jill in Kentucky

    Linda looks so happy. I can't wait to get mine.

  3. se7en

    No!!! So near and yet so far!!!

  4. elilillie

    Get them to the Southeast Conference next week. Pretty Please!

  5. Cheri

    yipee!! Patiently (or not) waiting by the mailbox :)

  6. Jenn @ Beautiful Calling

    Oh, I can hardly wait.....especially since this year is the first year that I get to order out of it. Yippeee!

  7. Robin E.

    Any word on when they will hit the USPS on their merry little ways toward our mail boxes? Early, this year, I hope. If staff has them already in office, then the printer should be ready to distribute them by now, right? A week in the mail from wherever in the mid-West you get them printed to Arizona... I should have mine by the 17th or so, right? Before? Please don't say we have to wait until April. I WANT MY CATALOG NOW!!!!!

  8. Kansas

    oh oh oh ......please send it to Kansas or post it online! Can't wait.....so excited.....oh oh oh.....not sure I can take this suspense..... :-)

  9. Luke

    <smile> I hear people should start to get Catalogs prior to April. Looking forward to hearing when you get yours!