Why Loud Classrooms and Some Disrespect Make America Great

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As we study other cultures and history, we can learn a good deal about ourselves. But I love reading perspectives on our culture from those outside it. People like Vishal Mangalwadi and Alexis de Tocqueville offer profound insights into why the United States is the way it is. And this morning, I had the opportunity to read an article by Sarah A. Hoyt that sheds even more light on our nation by talking how we are ungovernable.

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Henry Cate

Sarah shares several of the things that surprised her in coming to America from a socialist society. If I could summarize--and not at all do justice to her piece--she points out that Americans, with our general disregard for "waiting for the right person to come fix it," will roll up our sleeves and deal with something when it goes wrong. The article itself is rather long, but the comments are longer and just as compelling. It is well worth a few minutes to take a look.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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