What to Expect on April 2

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We will turn off the shopping cart portion of the website at 12:01am Monday morning.1 ...so if you want to get the 2011 edition of anything, you'll need to go purchase it before then <smile>.

Sometime around 10am, the entire Sonlight website will be taken offline so we can start updating everything. I expect this blog and the forums will remain online throughout that process. If not, our Facebook and YouTube pages will still be there for you.

We hope to have everything ready to go by 4pm Monday afternoon.

Please pray for us while we update. We're dealing with technology, so there are more than three things that could go wrong <smile>.

Thank you for being part of the Sonlight community! I look forward to celebrating the launch of the new Catalog season with you on Monday afternoon.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

1. This is, of course, based on our frame of reference. If you want to know what time our office is experiencing compared to your frame of reference, swing by the contact us page and click one of the Live Chat or Phone tabs to see our current time.

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