We made the right decision!

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Looking back, I think I felt lead to home school from the time my oldest daughter was born. Staring down at my precious baby I was already thinking about her first day of kindergarten and what it would be like sending her off to school. I just never felt comfortable with the idea. I knew it wasn't for us.

The years since that day seem to have flown by in a moment. One day she was an infant and the next day she was a 4 year old with two younger siblings and I was trying to decide how to get ready for our first official year of home schooling. I was overwhelmed with all the curriculum choices out there. I went to the book fair at a home educators conference and gathered information from many of the different booths. Staring at all the catalogues spread out on my floor made a decision seem impossible.

Then one day I remembered a catalogue my mom's cousin had given me when she learned I was interested in home schooling. It was Sonlight. As I flipped through the pages and read more about the company I started to feel like I finally found what I was looking for. I went to the Sonlight website and the more I read the more certain I felt. Then one night at my daughter's soccer practice I began talking with another mom and found out that she used Sonlight and she told me how much she loved it. That was it. Decision was made. My husband and I saved for a few months and then finally I was able to place my order.

I was so excited I could hardly wait for the boxes to arrive. When the boxes came my kids gathered around and as soon as I opened them up they started looking at all the different books inside. My daughter said, "I want to start school NOW!" and I knew we made the right decision.

"I want to start school NOW!"

Thank you Sonlight!

-Marin A.

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