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Yesterday we enjoyed a wonderful guest blog post from Todd Wilson. Today I'd like to offer another "guest" blog post ... from YOU!

A recent conversation over on the Sonlight Forums brought back vivid memories of my homeschooling days ... particularly those first few days of every school year. The days when I wondered if anyone really appreciated all that I did for my family, and if anyone cared! As the 2015-16 school year gets underway, I want you to hear from some others who are in the midst of their homeschool journey and wondering the same thing I did not long ago.

We started school last week. We had two great weeks! My plan is working ... So what's my problem? No one knows what I did. I think I get some satisfaction knowing the kids are liking the flow of our days, but for the first time I'm realizing that just once I'd like someone else to know what I did. To know that I put A LOT of time and effort into this and it's kind of working.
This homeschooling thing is hard. When I worked a job for pay, I got glowing evaluations from my bosses for a job well done. Heck, I even got raises! Now I'm doing a job where I may never see the fruits of my labor in this life. Sometimes that's really hard for me.

It's also nice to be reminded that sometimes all the hours of planning actually make a difference! I was trying to encourage myself in that direction today as I missed another beautiful afternoon outside whilst planning, organizing, scheduling, tidying, labeling, brainstorming ...  Nope you're not alone in feeling this way! A little cheer leading from someone else would be nice.
~Kel & the kids

I have felt the same way at times.  I am only about half way through this journey.  We have HSed for 9 years including kindergarten.  I still have about 6 more years to go.  In the first few years I did struggle more with "am I really accomplishing anything?...am I making a difference?".  I know we cannot always "see" the impact we are having.                                                                                  ~Happyhomeschoolermom

Yes..there are some days when I really wish my kids would understand what I do in a day...when I go without for them and stuff ...

 As you begin yet another school year, do any of these comments match your own thoughts? Is your heart crying out for recognition? Not whining or throwing a pity party ... and of course realizing that God sees our efforts ... but just looking for an occasional pat on the back or "great job!" or "here mom, let me finish up the dishes tonight." (I know ... that last one makes me chuckle too)

Let me be the first to say that I understand that part of your journey, and even though I've never met most of you, I'm here on the sidelines today with a thumbs up and yelling "Great job!" "Keep going!"

Good Job, Mom and Day!

I hear Gods little whisper in my heart...He sees what we do...and He is proud of us. Proud that we, as moms, are taking His design of us as seriously as He intended...proud that we are raising our babies for Him....proud of us that we have chosen the waaay more difficult road to make darn sure our babies have what they need to survive this crazy place.

Think of the joy of hearing the words 'Well done, my good and faithful servant' That's truly enough to sustain us when we're feeling discouraged!

So as you begin your school year ... with all your planning, shopping, and organizing behind you ... imagine those of us here at Sonlight as your own personal cheerleading section. WAY TO GO!

Still on the journey ...
~Judy Wnuk

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