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She stands in the racks of her university's book store.


The latest edition of her textbook is out. It's $159. She can't use the old edition because they rearranged the chapters and swapped out a few charts and graphs to make it impossible for her to follow along in her course syllabus. In short: She has to spend the money even though the publishers added almost no new content to the text.

Textbook Buy-Back Day*

That scene plays out in campuses across our nation every year. Educational texts are tweaked, re-colored, monkeyed-with enough to make resale unwise and ultimately frustrating, but not really updated.

I flipped through a textbook that was three editions beyond the one I had used years ago. I was unable to discern any new content. There may have been some... somewhere... but I'm not sure it warranted three complete versions.

Sonlight updates every year as well.

We do our best to make money (so we can stay in business and keep doing good things as well as support you). But we don't update just to make money. We update our homeschool programs to make them better. One of the powerful tools for making stuff better is all the amazing feedback we get from you.

(Hint, hint: We'd love your feedback on the program you've been using this year. <smile>)

On the other hand, we firmly believe in the quality of our programs. We want you to reuse your Core as many times as you need to. That's why we encourage you to purchase as many sets of consumables as you're likely to need. In five years we may no longer carry the little elements you need for your next student. But if you have the consumables you need, the Sonlight program you purchase today will still be an excellent resource for you and your family.

How many times have you reused a Sonlight program in your homeschool?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

*I once brought 13 books to a textbook buy-back day. After looking them over, they offered me 50 cents for the pile. I replied, "I'd get more value from burning them."

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