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Recently, the Sonlight management team met in a retreat to plan and prepare for the coming year. One of the questions Wayne, our general manager, asked was, "What was the best, most strategic thing that we accomplished this past year?" One team member responded, "The Rice Bag Project."

The Rice Bag Project sought to inspire children of Sonlighters to collect loose change to educate illiterate women in India. None of the money collected impacts Sonlight's business in the least (unless, for some reason, someone takes offense and decides not to buy from us in the future). So, the comment intrigued me.

As I mused on it, however, I came to the conclusion that I think he is right.

One of our goals at Sonlight is to raise up kids with a heart for the world. And this project does so as it inspires kids to think about their world in a new way. Most of us have never met a person enslaved by illiteracy. And to change a life with handfuls of change collected as families builds unity. And, as our kids sacrifice to give, I can't but believe that their hearts are changed. For Jesus said, "Where your treasure is there your heart will be as well."

I pray that, if and as you participate in the Rice Bag Project, your children's hearts will be impacted for eternity.

As I've prayed for this project, I've been struck by the comparison between our children and the boy (notice the age) who sacrificed his lunch of five loaves of bread and two fish (John 6:9ff). Jesus took the boy's willing sacrifice and multiplied it to feed 5000 people.

I pray that our children's willing offerings also be greatly multiplied to change the lives of many women (and, ultimately, their families), all for the Lord's great name.


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