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Transitions can be exciting. They can also be incredibly annoying. Like the cube transition when it's used in video. Of course, fancy video transitions are a pet peeve of mine. Maybe I'm just overly sensitive <smile>.

We're in transition here at Sonlight too. The old catalog is still in effect. The new is coming very soon. That's exciting. It's also annoying. Because as fantastic as our current homeschool curriculum is, the updates are just a few short weeks away. If you got your materials now you'd be set. But if you hold off just a little longer you'll have the latest and greatest.

The dilemma feels a bit like my brain when I look at a spinning hypercube. Cubes and transitions... so very much like Sonlight <smile>.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. Dawn @ Two-Handed Mommy

    I bought my Core 3 IG a month or so ago so I could start planning for next year - combining with a younger student plus adding Canadian content... but the updates sound so great I'm seriously considering getting the new one too!! :)

  2. Jamie Jo

    That's okay. I can't order anything until I have an address to ship it to, so there's no rush on my account even though I can't get back on the forums until I order.

    For whatever it's worth, I hate transition times in life, but I think that video transition is kind of cool.

  3. Luke

    <smile> That's fantastic, Dawn!

    Thanks, Jamie Jo <smile>. And hang in there during your transition time as well.