The Catalog Arrives at the Holzmann Home!

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A curious two year old "reads" the articles. [The photo is, I'll admit, slightly staged. By the time I got the camera she had moved on. So we asked her to do it again.]

Future Sonlighter

My wife starts looking through the testimonials.

"I'm just looking at the pictures right now."

I've seen many other people have received their catalogs as well. What's your favorite part of the new catalog?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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  1. Cotton Blossom

    Sending my boy to check the mail...RIGHT NOW!

  2. Michelle

    nothing - still waiting for mine! :(

  3. SmallWorld at Home

    I just hope I get one this year! I've always been in a competition with my friends to see who gets theirs first. Sadly, I never even got one last year, loyal customer though I am!

  4. Robin E.

    I got mine yesterday!

  5. homeschoolmom

    Sorry guys, I've had mine for a few days. {sheepish grin}

    My favorite part of the new catalog is always the testimonials and seeing photos of other families who also use Sonlight. It's such great encouragement!

  6. Amanda

    Is it wrong that my favorite part of the catalog is the picture of my son that's in it? ;)

    That made my day to see it in there!

  7. Karen

    I got mine yesterday! My favorite part is looking at all of the pictures and testimonials. I haven't gotten a chance to look at it very much yet--but that is a high priority on my to-do list today!!

  8. Hollie

    Mine arrived yesterday! And now I am considering cancelling afternoon session {you know, like a teacher in-service day} so I can read it from cover to cover and dream about our adventures next year. I did have to reclaim the catalog after lunch- seems my 10 and 8-year old sons are just as interested in the new catalog as I am!

  9. Sue

    I got mine a couple of days ago. I love that mail gets to Japan so quickly! Did that sound like gloating? So sorry! I just put in an order yesterday, and we are all waiting on the edges of our seats.

    I always love reading through all the testimonies, and seeing all the cute photos. This year I was really excited to read about the new hands-on activities scheduled for P4/5. It was all I could do to make myself go ahead and order the P3/4 stuff I had already planned for, and make myself wait until next year when my 3 year old will be ready for that core!

  10. Luke

    <smile> Glad to hear so many of you have received your catalogs already. If any of you are still waiting... hang in there!