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Do Your Books Hint at What's Coming?

Her hazel eyes sparkle as she lets out a knowing hum. She's pretty sure she can guess the reveal. And her lips are smiling. We enjoy stories that let us participate in guessing the outcome. The technical term is foreshadowing. … Continue reading

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Our Stories

As Sonlighters we use stories every day to teach our children. We have the richest literature available at our fingertips. Even more valuable than our wonderful library of books are the stories from our own life experiences and heritage. I … Continue reading

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What Gives a Story Power?

Jesus often taught through parables. Aesop's fables are shared with children around the world. Stories with deeper lessons can be powerful. As a literature-rich educational company, Sonlight relies on this fact. On the other hand, there are thought-provoking quotes which--in … Continue reading

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Stories of Longing for More

I must be on a Disney kick this week. Monday it was Beauty and the Beast, Wednesday The Incredibles, and today I've been thinking about The Little Mermaid, Lion King, Hunchback and Tangled. Why do these Disney flicks--for better or … Continue reading

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