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MathTacular Reviews

Amber, the co-star of MathTacular, recently alerted me to the fact that only one person has left a review of MathTacular4 on the website. "I've been dying to know what people think of it for so long," she said. "After … Continue reading

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Let 'em eat ... pie!

For one of my students, learning fractions was as natural as breathing. For another, it took some doing, but the concept was finally grasped. However, for one of my students, the concept of fractions was so much Greek, or Hebrew, … Continue reading

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Interested in free MathTacular stuff?

Create an eligible video entry for the MathTacular Video Contest and you will receive a MathTacular DVD. Period. Let me say that again: Every eligible entry gets a DVD. You could also win much more (hint: iPad). Why am I … Continue reading

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