Sonlight's Box Day Video Process - Part 3

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[Read Part 2 here]

Review and Re-render

After an uncounted number of hours of incomprehensible math whereby my computer converted a 1.2 gig stream of images made up of pixels housed within a specific type of coding that enabled some software to interpret it as a video into a different type of code that enabled some web-based software to convert the now 34MB file into something playable on YouTube, I give you...

Box Day v2

Thankfully my second attempt worked. I really didn't want to have to wait another 20 hours for my computer to give me a nice looking video.

Feedback? Thoughts?

I've had some very valuable input already. I would love to make this video even more helpful!

...granted, given how little time we have until April 1, I won't be able to make major changes. I also reserve the right to do what I believe is best for Sonlight... which may involve putting my efforts elsewhere even if there is a great idea for an improvement.

But such is the nature of production/business/life: We must pick our battles. There's always more to do. Sometimes choosing which things to leave and which things to change is the hardest part.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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