Sonlight's Box Day Video Process - Part 1

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I titled this "Part 1" because I'm hoping I'll have something to say further along the process that will warrant a "Part 2" <smile>.

We need to update for a video that is currently (as of writing) on; unfortunately, it is outdated and cumbersome. We want a cool new video with all the right information for our April 1 web update which coincides with the official 2010 Catalog launch.

That means I need to get cracking on this thing.

So, I start the project with some storyboards:

Meet John and Jane Doe

Walk You Through Box Day

Strong, Happy, Pro-Sonlight Finish

I get a little feedback, and then toss together the first mockup:

Box Day Mockup1

Fun, short, cool. But Judy helped me work through some of the weaker story elements, added some ideas for needed content and helped me think the video through again.

So, back to writing up a few more voice over lines, sketch a few more frames and...

Box Day Mockup2

Much better!

What's next?

  • Wait for feedback
  • Tweak
  • Get some real artwork
  • Record with the real voice over talent
  • Edit
  • Build a soundtrack
  • Create/add music
  • Mix together
  • and post online!

I love doing these "quick" projects, but they sure are a lot of work!

Do you have any Box Day Stories you'd like to share? Please do! Or, visit the Box Day Blog and read real Box Day stories.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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