Sonlight's 12 Days of Christmas Day 8: MathTacular

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One Thanksgiving I did most of the cooking for my extended family. I had two young children at the time, and needed hours of uninterrupted prep time on Wednesday.

That day, my boys watched all four hours of MathTacular! They had a great time, and I managed to get all my food prep done.

If you know that you'll have a day of prep coming at some point in December, you might want to plan ahead so you, too, can have a MathTacular! day.

If you haven't yet introduced your children to the wonders of Sock Monkey, the Fraction Reducer 2000, and Detective Justin Time, today is a great day to prepare for that introduction.

Each of the four DVDs has a short trailer—check them out!

John and Sarita's oldest daughter
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