Sonlight with a Struggling Reader

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My little sister loves reading. If she has some free time, she'll open a book. Reading is one of her favorite ways to pass the day.


Not so much. In fact, I read very few books every year. It's hard work for me. I get exhausted easily. And it takes me forever; so even if I spent the day reading, I wouldn't have the satisfaction of reaching the end of the book. Movies are a much quicker way to get through a fun story.

Wait... aren't I one of the biggest proponents of Sonlight's literature-rich approach to homeschooling? Isn't Sonlight built around lots and lots of reading? Shouldn't I just adore books?

Yes. Yes. And, I do.

I love great books. It's the mechanics of reading that bog me down. Part of it has to do with my eyes not tracking together. This conflict in my vision wears me out when I read. Part of the problem is also how I read: One word at a time. I've long joked that I can write faster than I can read. And, who knows, there may be some other issue buried deep within my psyche or physiology that further hinders my reading.

In short: I struggled with reading. A lot.

Homeschooling provided my parents the flexibility to let me go at my own pace. It also allowed me to customize my studies so I could succeed, even if I wasn't doing it the traditional way. This meant my mom read many of my school books out loud to me. In high school, I took to listening to my books on tape. I love books, but reading is hard.

Thankfully, as a film major, I didn't have to read as much in college. In fact, it wasn't until a few years after getting married, purchasing some glasses with prism lenses, and reading the Bible out loud to Brittany every morning that my reading actually significantly improved.

But Sonlight was the perfect fit for me. I'm thankful my parents were able to share all that fantastic literature with me despite my struggle with reading.

If you have struggling readers, how has Sonlight been for them? Have you checked out Sonlight's Remedial Reading Program?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

P.S. Thanks to Debra for the inspiration for this post.

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