Sonlight Website Updates April 1, 2014

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1. Full-Grade Packages
The website now clearly offers you a complete list of programs you'll need by grade. You can purchase everything you need in a Full-Grade Package. Or, from the same grade-specific page, you can find every subject you'll need. This makes selecting for your homeschool year much easier.

2. Relabeling Cores
For those of us familiar with the Core designations, this shift in focus is rather jarring. We've used the term Core for so long it's strange not to see it everywhere on the site. But it is difficult to explain what a Core is in a world where web-reading is a chore few want to do. So we opted to put the description right in the title. It's no longer Core A (which works great for students grades K-2), it's now labeled as a History, Bible, Language Arts, Reading Package aimed mostly at Kindergarteners. We hope this clarifies things for those just starting with Sonlight.

3. New Layout
The new look is visible on both the site and the blog. It feels a bit more airy to me. A big part of that is the removal of color in the header and background and adding a few hundred pixels to the page size.

4. Improved Sonia
Change is hard. If you'd like to simply walk through the selection process and checkout, Sonia can still do just that. Now she'll add things to your cart as you go. You can still change your selections in the Scratch Pad, but -- at any time -- you can go to the cart and review your selections.

5. Access to AdvisorsAdvisor-Button
If you have any questions as you browse the website, an Advisor is just a click away.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Guardian

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