Sonlight Ultra Microscope

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It had appeared as if out of thin air.

A microscope sat on the corner of my desk. Not just any microscope, at that. A Sonlight® Ultra Microscope.

Why was it there?

We needed a new product shot, and I was the man for the job. (I've become quite adept at cutting out product photos over the years.)

So, what's new?

Sonlight Logo

The Sonlight® Ultra Microscope finally has a Sonlight logo on the front <smile>. Which is cool, but hardly an upgrade worthy of purchasing a second microscope.

Unless, of course, you needed a second microscope for your home...

Have a great weekend, friends!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. Robin E.

    As we are doing Apologia Biology (Sonlight Science 250) starting in August, a Sonlight Ultra Microscope was already in my shopping cart ready for me to order. Now I find out it is even cooler than ever. WooHoo!

  2. se7en

    Very funny!!! I can't imagine i would ever ship a microscope but I love the packaging!!! Hope you have a restful weekend.

  3. The Reader

    Well, darn it, I already have one! We LOVE ours, but as it is so very sturdy, and our boys are spread apart (ages, I mean) I doubt I'll convince DH we need a 2nd just so I can have one with a cool logo.

    Still, very cool, and to anyone considering it -- you'll love it. It's a wonderful product, worth every dollar and then some!

  4. Kristenph

    We've had a Sonlight microscope for years now. (I'm sure the specs have changed since we bought ours.) But it was a super deal on a super microscope. Love it!

  5. Luke

    <smile> Glad you all love your microscopes!


  6. MisterChris

    This year our ds is taking Biology and my dw showed me the video about this microscope.

    We had an old microscope years ago that was stolen after a house fire. We also have (still) a Digital Blue QX3.

    I built a frame to connect the two and took some interesting super-zoom videos of Bee Wing and plant cells. It was fun, but as was noted on the video, light, focus, and color shift were all problems with the higher magnifications.

    After the video of this microscope, though, I was sold.
    I'm interested to see whether I can hook the QX3 to this one too. If so I'll see if I can take some video with the microscope.

  7. Luke

    Chris, I've shot video through the Sonlight microscope for a couple of the Discover & Do DVDs. Worked great. Of course, I was using the microscope video camera and not a QX3 [smile].