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  • Save up to 12% off homeschool materials - no coupon required
  • Free shipping for your homeschool curriculum - no coupon necessary
  • Save 50% off your IG upgrade
The data show "coupon" is the magic word people are looking for. At this moment, 16.7% of sales attached to this blog are from people who linked from a post Luke wrote over a year ago.

What confounds my circuits is that Luke's post is about how Sonlight doesn't offer any online coupons. Sonlight does give coupon codes to individuals from time to time, but not for pasting online. If you get a coupon code from Sonlight, it's for your personal use.

The one exception--if you could call it that--is your Rewards ID code. Use your Rewards ID when you introduce someone to Sonlight. They can save $5, and you can earn points to discount your next purchase.

Sonlight's discounts and deals are, on the whole, always available. You don't need a coupon. You needn't wait for a sale. Simply take advantage of the Sonlight Core Club discounts and other consistent great deals whenever your family is ready to get your latest homeschool materials.

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