Site Walkthrough - April 7, 2011

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Site Walkthrough

In this video I demonstrate a few of the cool new features of Sonlight's 2011 website. More features coming soon!

How's the new site design been working for you? Anything you particularly love or find confusing? I'm getting some great feedback thus far, and we'll keep working to make the site even more helpful for you.

Thanks for watching!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. Annemarie

    That was extremely informative and I enjoyed it, too. I am super glad about the feature that allows me to purchase an updated IG and the items that will need to be purchased to update the Core. That was a stroke of genius.

    Hope that you all are un-swamped soon. You guys are doing great work!

  2. The Reader

    One really great thing which you didn't include in the walk-through -- when you click into Subjects and then choose, for example, Readers and then the Core level you're interested in that DOES have a brief description of each book all on one page.

    A quick, easy way to read about all the books in a Core w/o clicking each individual title.

    LOVE the choosing tool. Now -- take the night off and have dinner with your wife (if you haven't already done so!).

  3. Luke

    Thanks, friends!


  4. jljsherrod

    Thanks for the walkthrough! I'm pretty new to Sonlight and I am considering purchasing our first core package for this coming year. I think the new changes are fabulous and really make choosing curriculum and figuring out what your options are so much easier.

    I considered purchasing from you last year but I was completely confused with all the options and the layout of the site, and so I went with something else.

    I felt drawn back to Sonlight as I considered what to use for next year and found the forums. I saw there were changes happening and I was curious to see how the site would change.

    I'm so excited to show my husband what our options are once he gets home from deployment soon. Thank you!

  5. Luke

    Glad to hear the new site is helpful to you, Jljsherrod! Thanks!


  6. Melanie

    As always, impressed by your commitment to improving customer experiences! I wish every company was as dedicated as you are to making the buying process simple. Thanks Luke.

  7. Luke

    Thanks, Melanie!


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