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You've only got a couple more days until this year's Photo Contest will be over. So... Upload your pictures and stories now!

That was just a reminder. There's another story you have that interests me even more.

Yep: I'm all about Sonlight stories and how much you love Sonlight and how Sonlight has totally made your homeschooling experience awesome. But there's an even more important story: How Christ has impacted you ...or not.

I got thinking about this this morning when I read an "article" from The Onion. Now, I find the satire of The Onion pretty funny from time to time. I first bumped into this paper when I saw the headline: Christ Returns to the NBA.

The religious themes continue, but what I saw today took it even further.

[NB: Profanity in the title. Content will likely sting. You have been warned.]
If I Hadn't Found Jesus...

Did you survive? I hope so.

These kinds of ideas show up again and again in entertainment: Using the words and phrases of Christianity while not reflecting Christ at all. Battlestar Galactica was rife with them as well. It comes down to completely missing the point of grace and redemption. Sadly, many Christians say similar things.

But perhaps the reason these misrepresentations keep surfacing is because the real stories aren't out there. What bothers me even more about all this is that my own stories are rather lacking. For all my writing and practice in story telling, I've yet to learn how to tell my own tales of redemption. Perhaps because I'm still too young to see them properly. Perhaps because I'm still too young and so the redemption hasn't fully happened yet. Perhaps...

So, please, share your Sonlight pictures and stories, but if you have any experiences of redemption--good or not--I'd be interested in hearing them.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. Jack Kung

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  2. artchristie

    I wrote a post in response to your blog. I hope you enjoy it.
    Oh, and I got my pics submitted for the contest as well. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. JJ Ross

    Luke, wanting to hear "real" redemption stories is, I fear, the rub.

    I had a personally meaningful story from the polite, productively civil Methodist church of my childhood and young adulthood, and I loved redemption stories in literature and science fiction, from CS Lewis to Left Behind, always finding the greater good and greater truth.

    But stories more recently being used to divide us with hate rather than bring us together in love, are unfortunately just as real in the telling and in the real-world results, which has soured me on the whole genre. For real.

  4. Luke

    ...umm... thanks, Jack! I'm doing well. Thanks for stopping by <smile>.

    Christie, thanks for sharing! I saw your post in my reader before seeing you'd left a comment here. And I'm glad you got your pictures in for the contest! <smile>

    JJ, real redemption stories are, I'm afraid, more scare than we'd like. That was part of my musing behind this post. So, I'm with you there. But what genre are you talking about? I'm confused. Redemption stories are all about God's work in our lives, making us more like Christ. Now, I hear you with the whole "stories that lead to division and hate" being terrible, but truly redemptive events should only draw us closer to Christ and make us more like Him.