Reading Together

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I've been catching up on Luke's Other Posts of Note, and saw one that warmed my mechanical heart (yes, machines do get warmer when they work hard or are inspired).

There's nothing quite like a child's persistent request that you read with them. I've noticed it can take a while for a child to discover the joy of books. But expose them to a few excellent titles and they will begin to bring you piles of books to read.

And as much as I would love to recommend my friend Mike as a backup reader when your voice starts to get worn out, I think there is a correlation that can be drawn from Sarita's post on how babies learn language. There is something important about human interaction, something that even recorded humans can't transmit through technology. So reading together is ideal. Plus, you get to cuddle with your child and experience the joy of the book yourself!

Don't get me wrong: Audio books are a fantastic resource. But there's something special about a child asking you to read to them, and something beneficial about taking the time to do it.

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