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IMG_9842Just two weeks ago our team of convention representatives got together for training and preparation for the 2015 season ... and next week we hit the ground running at the first event of the year!

In our conversations that week we talked a lot about choices ... and how homeschooling is among the most important decisions that (we) parents will ever make. We discussed the pressure to buy that many people experience at a homeschool convention. Exhibit halls lined with booths full of brand new products, and the push to make your curriculum buying decision before the weekend is over.

Our hope for this coming season is that as you stop in at a Sonlight booth, that push and pressure will drop away. We promise that we will sell you nothing (in fact, we have refrained from taking orders and/or your money on a convention floor for many years). Instead, we hope that you will pause and allow us to talk through three key considerations as you consider this life-impacting decision:

  1. What type of program would best fit your children's learning styles? There is no single program that will work for every homeschooled student. So take some time to consider what you know about your children, and determine which educational approach will ignite their love to learn.
  2. How do your core beliefs align with the philosophy and values of any potential curriculum provider? You have the priceless opportunity to pass on your values to your children ... be sure that whatever program you choose will help your children discover that God loves them deeply and has a wonderful plan for their lives.
  3. Do you believe that the curriculum you're considering will help you shape your kids into the adults you envision? Look for a program that will help you build a foundation of close relationships from which your students can successfully launch.

This convention season I would challenge you to leave your checkbook/credit card at home or in your hotel room, for at least the first full day of the event you attend. Take your time as you cruise through the Exhibit Hall to weigh your choices without the pressure to purchase. A decision like this shouldn't be rushed ... even if it means missing out on a "convention special".

I hope that we'll meet you at a convention somewhere across the US and Canada this year!

Still on the journey ...
~Judy Wnuk

P.S. - Could you use some practical tips for conquering the Exhibit Hall at your local convention this year? Check out our Convention Survivor's Guide for practical tips for getting the most out of your convention weekend.

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