Our Broken-Up Box-Day

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After spending a year and a half struggling to "make it work" with my oldest boy, soon to be 9, I admit to almost giving up. We are members to a very supportive group of local homeschoolers who, thankfully, did all they could to support and encourage us both during the last days of our rough period. I had ordered a Sonlight catalogue very early in our endeavour, but due to my stubbornness I felt that I could do it just as well all on my own. Oh, how wrong I was!!

I finally caved in, and in March, when the new catalogue and website was launched, I spent hours going over what I wanted to order for this coming September. I ordered and expected to wait until August to receive the goodies. Oh, how wrong I was-yet again!!

We had our very first box day - three times!! And only three weeks later!!

I ordered two core programs, I also have a 4 yr old boy, and all the items came in three boxes on three different days! On the last day I re-gathered all the boxes and looked over them all at once and was pleased with the selection. But, when I opened the packages for the IGs that is when it hit me, that is when I realized how special this program is, that is when the tears came, that is when the tears couldn't stop. All the frustrations that I had been going through to make it work came gushing forth and finally left me for good!

We did not wait until September. I took a few days to organize the IGs and all the books. We started in mid April. We have a slower scehdule than the five- or four- day schedule but it is getting done even if it is summertime!

I wanted to thank you so very much for helping my son love learning again. I never knew how much he would love history, but thanks to your World History program, he is teaching me things that I never knew!


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  1. Just like you, we were so anxious to get started once our "Box Day" arrived that we jumped right in. We started in May and are enjoying Sonlight so far!

  2. We haven't ordered yet. I keep hesitating...but reading testimonials like this one make me want to JUST DO IT ALREADY! ;)

  3. ananda

    Hi there! Thank you for your testimony. We have been battling for 2 years to 'do' or 'not to do' Sonlight! At this stage both myself and my boy (7) 'hate' our schooldays! Sonlight is very pricey in terms of rands! And shipping to here doesn't just take a week or two. Therefore I am a bit hesitant to try it out! But thank you.