Our Broken-Up Box-Day

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After spending a year and a half struggling to "make it work" with my oldest boy, soon to be 9, I admit to almost giving up. We are members to a very supportive group of local homeschoolers who, thankfully, did all they could to support and encourage us both during the last days of our rough period. I had ordered a Sonlight catalogue very early in our endeavour, but due to my stubbornness I felt that I could do it just as well all on my own. Oh, how wrong I was!!

I finally caved in, and in March, when the new catalogue and website was launched, I spent hours going over what I wanted to order for this coming September. I ordered and expected to wait until August to receive the goodies. Oh, how wrong I was-yet again!!

We had our very first box day - three times!! And only three weeks later!!

I ordered two core programs, I also have a 4 yr old boy, and all the items came in three boxes on three different days! On the last day I re-gathered all the boxes and looked over them all at once and was pleased with the selection. But, when I opened the packages for the IGs that is when it hit me, that is when I realized how special this program is, that is when the tears came, that is when the tears couldn't stop. All the frustrations that I had been going through to make it work came gushing forth and finally left me for good!

We did not wait until September. I took a few days to organize the IGs and all the books. We started in mid April. We have a slower scehdule than the five- or four- day schedule but it is getting done even if it is summertime!

I wanted to thank you so very much for helping my son love learning again. I never knew how much he would love history, but thanks to your World History program, he is teaching me things that I never knew!


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