Order Now to Open It on Christmas

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December 21 is the last date you can order stuff and still get it in time to open on Christmas. Bad news? You'll need 2-day shipping. Good news? You get free 2-day shipping on Piano Wizard until the 21st.

If you still haven't finished your Christmas shopping, now's the time to get on it and take advantage of the free keyboard, free shipping, and payment plans that are available with Piano Wizard. (Sorry International and non-contiguous United States peoples, we are out of time to get you stuff to open on Christmas morning.)

Order by December 21

Naturally, you don't need to order Piano Wizard. You could get some of the other cool stuff from the Christmas sale page -- or elsewhere on the site, like here or here -- and pay for 2-day shipping. But that gets expensive. Going with the free option is better ... unless, of course, "free" turns out to be Holiday Math.

Christmas is next week!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Pseudo-Dad

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