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I was working on a Sonlight project last week that required that I answer some questions. As I was thinking about what Sonlight means to me, what I really value, there was one thing I couldn't get out of my head: world perspective.

I love that we study other cultures. That we take time to walk in other people's shoes so we have compassion on people of other lands. I am grateful that now when I read the news I have a glimpse of why different cultures respond the way they do. I don't need to be threatened by the way people differ from me, but I can start at a small place of recognition and then delve deeper into why these nations or people are struggling with their current issue.

Learning about other cultures has helped develop a sense of respect for other peoples and their thoughts. While I might disagree (sometimes strongly!) about some of the ways they live, their rights or their actions, because I was brought up on Sonlight, I can at least understand the why behind what I dislike.

I love the focus on missions. On reaching out. On going out. That we are exposed to how God has, and is, moving among the nations.

This is something I find unique about Sonlight. I love that a focus on the world is woven into every fiber of Sonlight. From the stories we share, to the notes we write, to the profits that are given so that others might join us in heaven's song. I am glad to be part of that. I'm also grateful to be part of that every day when I'm teaching my children.

What is the one thing that you value most about Sonlight?


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