My Kids were actually excited!

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So after a year with a different curriculum, with pleas of no more homeschooling, I went looking for a new program and found Sonlight! The kids still weren't convinced that it'd be a better school year and they'd have more fun and more time with mommy......

But BOX DAY came!!! They got so excited to see all the books mom would be reading to them.

Sonlight Box Day

Needless to say they dug in pulled everything out. And they showed me the map, they carried it around to show Grandma and Dad all day, they loved it. Also they got to playing with the box before I could tell them there was a castle inside!!

Sonlight Box Day
Soooooo Excited!

And then they found the Science Supply kits and were so ready to start school!!! My second grader, who had been the one who did not enjoy last year, actually asked me if we could start Science, and maybe a little of the other books!! I couldn't believe my ears and if I had been prepared I'd of dug in! It gave me so much hope for this new year!!

But before any of that I had to figure it all out. So I got to checking my order and getting my Instructor Guide setup, it was a little overwhelming but not as much as I thought!! After getting it all put away it didn't look so complicated and the Guides are awesome!!! And I can't wait to read Charlotte's Web to my kids... the one book I remember enjoying so much in school.... now I am confidant they won't only love that book but so many more!!!!

Sonlight Box Day
Wow! So Many Books

I can only thank God for the friends he brought to me to keep me going last year though I thought we'd never get through it, and helped me find a better program that is so better fit for my kids!!

-Amy M.

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