MathTacular4 Is Here!

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Okay, not exactly.

You can now (as of late yesterday) pre-order MathTacular4. This DVD--and the accompanying workbooks--walks you through Word Problems of all types. We start with simple goat addition (4 goats + 3 goats) and work our way up to speeds, ratios and volume equations. MathTacular4 is unlike the other MathTacular DVDs, but it still makes math Unbelievably Understandable.

MathTacular4 Trailer

Oh, and did I mention that MathTacular4 was one of the items on sale? Technically, it's part of our Christmas Sale... but it's too early to be talking about Christmas.

Pre-order MathTacular4 and check out the other homeschool materials on sale now!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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