MathTacular Trailers!

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Announcing the brand new MathTacular3 Trailer!

MathTacular3 Trailer

[I have asked YouTube to change the graphic so it's no longer Justin's bum, but that can take awhile, so bear with me <smile>]

I'd love to hear your comments. Feel free to click over and rate the video on YouTube as well. And if you didn't notice, I added a link to the Sonlight YouTube Channel on the sidebar, just in case you ever want to see what other promotional videos I've put up there.

You can also find the MathTacular Trailer from a few years back on the YouTube page, but I'll also include it here so it's easier to find.

MathTacular Trailer


~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

P.S. MathTacular2?

Yes... well, it's coming.
Sometimes I do things a little backward.

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  1. Julie

    Really cool! Tell the truth, Luke, is that you in the Super-Man-Shazam-Tights? LOL! I may just have to order #'s 2 and 3...just for the fun of it! LOL!

  2. Megan

    Here's where my "oh duh" face turns on. I watched the clip here and thought, "hmmm - that looks pretty interesting." I then thought, "Wait, did I buy one of those already and never watch it?"

    Sure enough - found it next to all of our Math U See cases, but for whatever reason we've never watched it. For shame. Now, not only am I planning to show it tomorrow, but I'm really wanting to order 2 and 3. So thanks a lot. I mean, really, thanks a lot. :)

  3. Angela Fehr

    Oh, now I want to go out and buy #1 for my kindergarteners!

  4. Luke

    I am Commutative Man.

    ...doesn't quite have the same ring as Tony Stark. And, yes, Julie, you should purchase the DVDs if you're looking for some high quality educational entertainment!

    Megan, I hope you enjoy your recently rediscovered MathTacular DVD!

    Angela, if my vote counts for anything, I think you should! Of course, I'm more than a little biased <smile>.