Looking Forward to April 2

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I've mentioned a few times that we have some cool updates coming to the website. We're just days away from launching--April 2--and so we're winding up these projects. Some things for you to look forward to:

  • Faster navigation: We're calling it "supernav" here. All the major categories and sub-categories will be a click away from the navigation bar at the top of the site. This will make it easier to find things and faster to get to the content you want.
  • Improved booklist and descriptions: Now, instead of five clicks to get to any list, we've cut it down to just two or three. Plus, the page layout is super simplified, focusing only on the information you want.
  • Sonia will now be integrated into the site: You no longer need to go to a separate page on our website to have Sonia help you. Once you fill in your student's information, she will be able to assist you as you select your curriculum.
  • Find curriculum for multiple students and groups: One of the really cool things about bringing Sonia into the normal choosing process is that you will now be able to select curriculum for multiple students and groups in the same selection tool. Over the past year, you could select curriculum for one student and then you'd have to start over for the next. I never liked that because it felt disjointed and it was hard to keep track of how much everything cost. This year, your student groups can all be in the same place and you'll get a running total before you add to the cart.

I plan to post a video that will walk you through a few of these changes on Monday.

I realize website updates aren't that exciting. So, what's the thing you are most looking forward to on April 2?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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