Look What I Got

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It's coming...

Request your Sonlight Catalog today!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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  1. Angela

    that is just mean. i'm salivating.
    gimme the skinny... does core 1 change at all? or should i go ahead and empty my cart today by placing my order?

  2. Robin E.

    Oh, it looks so pretty!!! It's still on track to mail Friday, right?

  3. se7en

    OH NO WAY!!! And it will take extra long to get to the far side of the world...

  4. Michelle

    you ARE mean!! I'm trying to forget so I won't be looking for it for the next three weeks, and disappointed nearly every day when it's not in my mailbox...

    which is silly, since I already pretty much know what I need for next year.

    but that fact does not negate my excitement when it arrives!

  5. Leslie

    Yippee!!! Looks great - can't wait!! :)

  6. Annemarie

    You are just plain CRUEL.



  7. Ann

    Nope, not fair. I've already placed and received my order and won't need another one for at least a year, if not longer! I don't need a catalog, but boy do I want one! It's funny to me that all the information is online, but I still want to read the catalog cover to cover! :-)

  8. TexasHeather

    so....are you saying if we request a catalog now, we'll get the new one, not last year's??? Really???

    And if I order today, from the old catalog, will a new catalog come in my order??? I so want one!!!

  9. Jana

    I think Luke needs a spanking for teasing us so !!!

  10. Cotton Blossom

    With a picture like that...YOU should be on the cover!

  11. Luke

    Angela, Judy mentioned on the Forums that there are no major changes expected to Core 1. <shrug>

    I believe so, Robin. I believe so.

    Sorry, Se7en.

    Yes, Heather, you will get the new one. We stopped sending last year's a few weeks ago because we're almost out <smile>.

    Glad everyone is so excited <smile>. And, yes, it was cruel... but I meant it in the most loving and fun manner possible. <smile>


  12. Jana

    Oh ! OH ! I can't wait to see the changes to 1, that is the core I am getting next !!!

  13. TexasHeather

    -SWEET!!!- Can't wait, then!

  14. Luke



  15. Heather the Mama Duk

    You know you look a little evil in that picture. Because you know you have what everyone else wants.

  16. Luke

    Yes, Heather, yes. But, as I said before: I mean it in the most loving and fun manner possible.