How to Incorporate Dad? #2

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Look at your evenings.

If you have littles who distract from school, you might consider doing some schoolwork in the evenings when Dad is home to play with the littles. If you think about it, people go to night school. This means that you can accomplish a lot in the evenings. (You could get a degree!)

Or it could be that your whole family does P.E. in the evenings: go on a bike ride, or a hike, or play basketball or volleyball.

It could be that your family just does family things in the evening: sports, apple pie, go to the park or the pool.

Or even just this, as Laura Vanderkam says: "Being outside at twilight feels special; you're sneaking in minutes of pleasure that might otherwise disappear."

I suspect that homeschooling Moms want to incorporate Dad because homeschooling is rich and satisfying.

So maybe incorporating Dad doesn't look so much like letting him do some of the teaching, as much as letting him be a part of your family's togetherness.

Have a good day, and a good evening!

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